Wednesday, October 5, 2011

3D Sunset at Beach Haven Wharf

I went down to the wharf at Beach Haven Point last Wednesday (2011-09-28) and took loads of photos as the sun went down. I used both my LG Optimus 3D phone and my Fuji Real 3D W3 camera.

The pics posted here are from my phone only. The LG Optimus 3D tends to flatten the contrast if the subject is too bright - and the Sun is certainly bright. To correct for that I've used GIMP to bring the contrast back a wee bit toward what the scene looked like in my mind's eye.

I have a "thing" about trying to take the best possible photos using (relatively) low-spec camera devices like phone cameras. A clean lens and good framing can produce results I'm very pleased with.

Click on the pics to see them in full size.

To see the "3D" depth, look at the left side and cross your eyes slowly until the two images merge into one, overlapping, and at that point, you see the depth in the scene looking across the water.

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