Wednesday, September 14, 2011 May Be Closing Down

3D fans everywhere had some bad news yesterday. Phil Dhingra, founder and owner of, announced he will likely have to close the site down as he can no longer afford to keep it going.

In tweets with Phil, he told me he'd need  (presumably US) $300 - $400 per month to keep the site doing, so we aren't talking mountains of money. If as few as 30 or 40 people donated a few dollars / month, could carry on.  

There aren't many 3D-specific image sharing sites out there and it would be a shame to see Phil's site go dark. hosts over 43,000 images uploaded by Nintendo 3DS owners, as well as several thousand images uploaded by owners of other devices. It supports upload of *.jps and *.mpo files and  for viewing offers red/cyan anaglyph, stereo cross-eyed / "freeviewing", side-by-side parallel or your choice of left or right. You can also see images in an animated "wiggle" format that I personally find very annoying, but that's just me.

The site also lets you see your images in fairly good quality and doesn't over-compress them.

Hopefully Phil will find a way to solicit sufficient donations to keep 3dporch,com up and running. If you think you have a solution or want to help, his contact details are at the bottom of the page here.

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