Wednesday, September 7, 2011

3D Content Sharing Sites

I've found several sites that make sharing 3D images and videos easier.
I use (listed in order of preference):
  • stills can be viewed easily and in good sizes including fullscreen.
  • many 3D viewing formats supported. Over a dozen.
  • when viewing in red/cyan anaglyph you are able to adjust the parallax as you view to optimise the perceptions of 3D
  • handles video, too, and also allows parallax adjustment
  • free membership
  • No folders. Tags are the only way to group pics or videos.
  • video player has to be refreshed to restart video. Videos can only be played through and can't be arbitrarily started or entered at any point.
  • stills only
  • reasonable viewing size
  • multiple viewing modes supported
  • free membership
  • hard to find anything.
  • no tags or folders
  • larger viewing sizes are full resolution and usually larger than your monitor.
  • default viewing format is "Wriggle" which is intensely annoying
  • As of 2011-09-13, Phil Dinghra says he may have to shut the site down if he can't raise more money to keep it going.
  • stills only
  • multiple viewing methods supported
  • supports folders
  • can toggle between image sizes
  • can order hard-copy lenticular prints (US$35 each)
  • free membership
  • Images you upload are highly compressed and image quality is poor at the two larger viewing sizes. (not in order of preference - it's in a class by itself)
  • 3D video only - not stills
  • supports a number of viewing formats
  • free membership
  • annoying and often incorrect or inappropriate implementation of copyright restrictions
  • disputes process slow and largely ineffective (NVidia)
  • free to join
  • supports video and photos
  • Photos viewable as red/cyan anaglyph, but looks like you can only see 3D video if you have NVidia 3D gear. Not much use if you don't.

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