Sunday, March 1, 2015


I've been posting 3D photos on the Net for just over 4 years now. There have been several sites that tried to capture this niche. Most were the hobby of a single person. That person eventually got tired of spending time and money on their site and, after neglecting it for a while, it would disappear one day.

Sites like, and have all either died completely or persist as dead pages that can't be updated any more.

But one site has stood the test of time:

The good news is that remains operational and has a dedicated community of 3D photographers who upload content daily to share with anyone and everyone.

The bad news is their business model didn't work out, so they have - for now - ceased developing the site. It is maintained by a volunteer.

Phereo is unique in offering a fully-functional Android app, a windows-based 3D image client called Phereoshop, and support for every major 3D mode out there, included 3DTV and Occulus Rift. If you're into 3D photos at all, please support by becoming a Pro member.

Please. :-)

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