Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ok then....Lightbox is closing down.

I got up this morning to discover that Lightbox is closing down and their development team is moving to Facebook.

Lovely. In the 5 weeks I'd been on Lightbox I'd uploaded over 1,100 photos. On June 15th, they disappear.

The prudent approach seems to be to use my "+3D Luver NZ" page on Google+ as a base for future photo sharing and back that up with Streamzoo, where I am "Linuxluver"

I guess what annoys me most is the time I wasted on Lightbox....and they fixed my "Likes" counter just 2 days ago, which had been falling for 2 weeks. I think the total should be more like 6, it went down by one for each 100 likes I got...and it went down by more than 25 in 2 weeks.  :-)

Not that I was keeping score or anything. ;-)  

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